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Over the cooler months I find my skin gets super dry. I really try to feed it with the good stuff from the inside out, but sometimes it needs a bit of love from the outside too.
When it comes to the products I use on my skin I hold the same philosophy as what I put in my mouth: keep it real.  Because what you feed your skin is absorbed into your body.
But here’s the catch: as the popularity of living a “healthy lifestyle” increases, plenty of brands are calling themselves “natural”.  You know the ones with the lovely-looking eco packaging, which probably isn’t recyclable?  Their brand name includes the word “natural” or “organic”, which makes us as consumers presume the ingredients are too. But when it comes down to it, behind the scenes, many of these brands say that they’re in line with your beliefs + values but are actually cutting corners to sell you products.  These days, as consumers, we have to be increasingly conscious because brands are being increasingly sneaky.
For the last few weeks, as we transition from spring to summer, I’ve been using Trilogy’s Body Care products, the Exfoliating Body Balm and Pure Plant Oil, and I’m obsessed.

 These days I not only judge a product by its results, I also judge it on the company’s values + ethics too - and after some research about Trilogy, I’m in love.  Often when companies get bigger, their values - that separated them from the rest in the first place - start to slide in favour of money, but from what I can see Trilogy are sticking true to their ethical + environmental commitment.  They’re committed to building a meaningful business and being responsible with every choice they make, helping their customers to make a conscious decision about the way they care for their skin, their wellbeing and in turn, the world. I’ve also had the most wonderful experience with their products and customer service. 

One of the products, their Exfoliating Body Balm, has little ‘bits’ in it to exfoliate your skin, and I was a bit concerned about these pieces.  Have you heard of microbeads?  They are tiny plastic pieces found in exfoliating products which go down the drain, pollute the ocean and can have harmful effects on sea life. I thought “surely Trilogy wouldn’t use them, or would they?”. To be sure I just had to ask and I’m so grateful I did. Here’s how it went down…

ME |
“I have a question re. the exfoliating bits in the Exfoliating Body Balm, are they biodegradable? You know how there are microbeads in some products aren’t and pollute the ocean, affecting our sea life?”
“We absolutely do not use microbeads in any exfoliator products. Microbeads are plastic and we are “Microbead” free.  Our exfoliate in our Exfoliating Body Balm is rosehip seed powder, ground from the seed remains from pressing our rosehip oil and therefore is 100% natural.”

 You can’t imagine how freakin’ stoked I was to get this reply - They weren’t tricking me!  I have huge respect for companies who stand by their values; not only are Trilogy’s products beautiful + natural, but they actually follow through with their ethical standpoint.  You should be able to ask a company what their ingredients are, how they are sourced and about the products’ production.


Natural ingredients - Honestly, sometimes I look of the back of a product and don’t know what the ingredient is or if it’s natural. Trilogy is incredibly transparent - if you see something you’re not sure of you can literally go onto their website and look up what each and every ingredient is in each product.  One of their values is “Everything you need for beautiful, healthy skin can be found in nature” - I love this!
Non GMO - Because we don’t need that kinda sh*t on our skin (in our mouths, or even on the planet).
Support Ethical Trade Practices - Something that I’m super interested in at the moment is the production chain of products, from sourcing ingredients, the environment of the workers and pay - check out the documentary, The True Cost, if you’re interested in knowing more about this.
I’m impressed to know Trilogy take this seriously too; they value the personal relationships with the communities that supply their natural and organic products.  They pay fair market prices for ingredients whether or not formal fair trade arrangements are in place.  Their certified organic rosehip oil suppliers are in Chile and Lesotho + members of their team visit both countries to spend time with harvesters and the companies that buy from them, so they know what’s happening on the ground.
Cruelty-Free - Yay, they're against animal testing.  They don’t test their ingredients, product prototypes or finished products on animals and work closely with their ingredient suppliers to ensure they are aware of our company values and policies.
Non-Retouched Ads - I was recently featured in an article for Fashion Quarterly Life about this, I absolutely love brands who use real people.  Trilogy believe that their products work + therefore there’s no need to retouch photos - I’m all about this!
Purchasing a product is so much more than just the product itself; it’s the knowing that you are supporting a company who is positively and consciously supporting our local + global communities as well as the planet.
I feel like I can’t say enough wonderful things about Trilogy. I’d absolutely love to meet the gorgeous sisters who started the brand over 14 years ago - Like me, they believe that nature is by far the best laboratory and are passionate about helping amazing everyday woman live beautiful lives.


Trilogy have given me three Pure Plant Body Oils to give away so you can discover the absolute pleasure (seriously they're so lovely) of using pure plant oils and extracts top to toe for yourself.
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Congratulations Amy, Katrina + Zanthe, you gorgeous ladies all have a bottle of the Pure Plant Body Oil coming you're way!
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  • Amy V

    I’m always hunting for natural, ethical products to love and being 23 weeks pregnant Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil is already my favourite everyday necessity! I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect body scrub that is microbead-free, can’t wait to try it!

  • Michelle

    I have sensitive skin so natural products are so important to me, i also love that Trilogy products are cruelty free.

  • Amy

    I went out last week looking for a nice body scrub and couldn’t find one I liked the look of. Now that I know Trilogy does one I will track it down as I love using several of their other products, and if I won the oil that would be the perfect combo for some great summer skin!!

  • Rebecca

    I love trilogy !! Love what they represent and love the care they so obviously put into each of their products ✌?

  • Kylie

    Not only are Trilogy a New Zealand founded, owned and run business, they are all about being ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. From considering the well-being of the workers who farm the rose-hips in Chile, to sourcing recyclable containers and tree-friendly papers for their labels, this is a company who are dedicated to reducing their carbon foot-print.
    While I love the idea of using natural products, I often wonder how effective they really… I love that Trilogy have backed their products with (cruelty-free) research! So we can know for sure their products will do what they say xx

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